26 February, 2010

Waiting Yudhoyono's Official Respond to 'Bank Century' Case

After long series of investigation held by the parliament over the 'Bank Century' case, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono announced on Thursday, Feb 25, that he will soon give an official respond to the case. This could be the first Yudhoyono's respond since the case occured on the late 2009. In my own word, Yudhoyono finally 'speak his mind' over this case.

"I will speak on the 'Bank Century' crisis. I plan to address the Indonesian people directly," said Yudhoyono on Plenary Cabinet Session Speech at Presidential Office, Thursday, Feb 25. All the cabinet members are there and hear what the President just explained. This will be a good story for journalist because Yudhoyono somehow never say a word about the 'Bank Century' cases.

Many political analist see the Yudhoyono's involvement on 'Bank Century' cases. Let me simplify, government decided to bail 'Bank Century' out from a sistemic failed bank. It is a reason why the government action for 'Bank Century' then called bail out. Government using 6,7 trillion IDR to bail the bank out.

The cases start to pop-up when analist told that the bail out action was improper. Government bail the bank for wrong reasons. Then, some of the parliamentary members argue that the government action to bail the bank out was a robbery. The money was used as a funding the Yudhoyono's presidential campaign on 2009 election, said unconfirmed source.

Yudhoyono surely want to make it clear. He said, as head of state, he was the most responsible person for everything that happened in the country. So, I think Yudhoyono need a moment to settle the issue, not to shake it. Official respond from Yudhoyono could be the best way to clear his name to the public.

Yudhoyono said he didn't want to be reactive about issues developing every day around the 'Bank Century' case. He didn't want to be dragged into political controversies. "I can't react to these issues every day. If I do, I will be drawn into endless controversy," he said. Well, Mr President, we wait for your speech then.

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fernan said...

then we all knew how it ends. he (mr yudhoyono) did responding those case, badly ..