31 October, 2008

Pornography bill, in my view

After long series of debates, parliament agreed to make pornography bill become regulation. I read the bill for the first time in May, 2008. Since then, I know that some of the materials will trigger a lot of controversy. Even when the bill become regulation, the controversy will still occur.

Pornography is case sensitive. Everybody has their own definitions. We need to appreciate it. But, I believe that the definitions will be not out of the line. I mean, everybody, in their heart, know exactly what pornography is about. They now clearly the difference between pornography and art.

We don't have to make definition of pornography. It useless and will pounding in our head. Otherwise, we need to build a same perception. So, why everybody never stop talking about the bill? Why the senators keep on debate until their sweat touch the ground? It is for a political reason.

The debates are about the purpose of the bill itself. The supporters of the bill said the law was needed to protect women and children against exploitation and to curb increasing immorality in Indonesian society. While the oppositions said the bill will stifle religious and artistic freedom.

The problems are bigger than that. Like I said before, it's about politic. It's about East and West war of civilization. The supporters of the bill want to stake to East culture and religion. While the others have a wide open mind, they want to accept any kind of liberalization as appear in the West.

I am brave enough to declare that I am a supporter of the bill. But, there are some term and conditions. The appearance of pornography materials is depend on where it perform and who perform it. We don't need the bill if we know how to act and protect ourself and our families from negative effect of pornography.

Now, the bill turn into a regulation. So, we don't need to debate about the ban to use bikinis at resort again.

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