12 October, 2008

Taking somebody else's life

Dear friends, have you ever think about law? Every mankind can do anything in this world, as long as it's not against the law. Every single step that we take was ruled by two laws, God's and ours. In my opinion, law is a symbol of a civilization which formed a difference between uncivilized and civilized people.

We have a rights that attached on our soul since we born in this world, I call it 'human rights'. Right is a moral or legal claim to get something or to behave in particular way. The essential position of law is about it function that can make sure that everybody have their own right.

Law and rights are two things that need each other. I learned a lot about law and right when I started to work as a journalist in Polda Metro Jaya. Write news about crime is my daily routine. In fact, I am still doing it until now. When I write about crime news, I learn how someone can easily broke the law in different ways.

One day, a jobless young man killed by his friend because of a silly heartbreaking reason in East Jakarta. The next day, an innocent baby found death in North Jakarta. You can imagine how people can easily taking somebody else's life. Mankind have no rights to kill each others. God gave us life. So, only God can take our life back. For a Muslim, killing other man is a biggest sin.

Unfortunately, history showed us that mankind always kill each other. Tell me how many wars that happened in this world? The result of war is a death of innocent peoples. Do you remember Crusade War? Last time I heard, Crusade War is the biggest war of all time. It is a war when Richard The Lion Heart and Salahudin Al Ayyubi fighting for Jerusalem. Billions of people were died.

Until now, murder cases always happen in all parts of the world. In fact, it happen every hours. The same thing happen in Indonesia, here in Jakarta. Almost every day I write news about one man kill the others for wrong reason. They not only kill others man, but also cutting the body parts in a way of mutilation. For the first time, I was shocked. It ruined my sense of humanity.

Since I took a duty report in Polda Metro Jaya, I wrote two cases of mutilation. In July 21th, Ferry Idham Henyansyah a.k.a Ryan murdered Heri Santoso, then mutilated the corpse of Heri Santoso in seven parts. Ryan known as a homosexual, now he is waiting for his trial. Three months later, police found 13 body parts in Mayasari Bakti bus. That is the second cases. Police is still hunting for the suspect.

I took a lessons of two mutilation cases. I learned that man no longer respect a law. A social disorder is a chronic disease in every mankind nowadays. Religion no more effective in counter all of the moral problems. The society is sick. You can't sit back and relax while watching this moral disaster happen. Dear friends, please do something!

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hhmm,, interesting..
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